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Using Skin Temperature as a Bio-Signal

Skin Temperature

Skin temperature is mainly influenced by your core body temperature and can also be used as a bio-signal to check for any abnormalities in health.

But unlike core body temperature, skin temperature is influenced by lots of factors like environment, physical activity, and blood circulation. The temperature of the skin surface usually varies between 33.5 and 36.9 C. (92.3 and 98.4 F.). But it can go up if one is standing in direct sunlight or is close to heat source or even using a blanket while sleeping. Similarly, it can go down if one is sitting very close to an air conditioner or in direct flow of air from a fan. So, all these conditions sometimes make it difficult for one decipher whether one has infection or not just by looking at the skin temperature at a given point in time.

Skin Temperature

Monitoring Skin Temperature with Tres Care Health Band

Tres Care health band comes with a skin temperature sensor which continuously records your skin temperature. You can see the reading at a given point in time on the band itself but to get a fair idea during your daily routine, you can check the temperature graph in the Tres Care mobile app. The app shows the skin temperature graph based on the values which have been captured by the band at regular intervals. One can also see the moving average graph and helps one to analyze the overall trend of the temperature over a period of time.

The AI based algorithms in the Tres Care app read your data continuously and are capable enough to establish a personalized baseline. Once the baseline is established, it is easy to see when your data varies from your baseline. These changes can be an important signal of infections in the body which can result in the onset of fever. 

The system sends alerts and can change your health status in the app if it finds anomalies in your skin temperature.