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Care C303

Tres Care Smart Health Band

Model: Care C303

A comfortable and light weighted health wrist band monitors the 4 essential health vitals: Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen Saturation Level, Skin Temperature and Blood Pressure. This enables continuous monitoring and proactive health alerts for disease prevention.

Tres Care app can be downloaded to collect key health vitals form the device and provide adequate health ratings and alerts.

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Health Monitoring Smart Patch

Model: Care C309

The Tres Care “Smart Patch” can be worn unnoticeably on the chest which captures body vitals such as ECG, Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen Saturation level, Skin Temperature, Body Posture, fall detection etc. This can be used for remote monitoring without any need of cords and wires.

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Care C309

Corporate/Hospital Dashboard

Group Monitoring Platform

Centralized platform providing group monitoring capability. Group and filter employees/patients those need attention and those who are healthy. Health workers and emergency staff can review historical vital data to understand trends and provide relevant treatment.

Receive/Send health alerts for employees/patients with critical readings outside the normal range.

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