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Health Vitals Tracking
Remote Monitoring
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Safeguarding children and elderly adults from any kind of virus are of utmost importance in society. They need greater amount of monitoring due to past ailments, deficiencies and absence of physical presence family members in close proximity.

TRES care helps continuous monitoring of all and seek for help under emergency situations.

  • Health vital signs must be tracked to ensure safe and effective care of individual and family and friends.
  • Create groups to track health of your love ones 
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Raising alerts based upon symptoms and risks
  • Creating internal subsets of health risks

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Smart engine analysing real time data, Creating internal subsets of health risks & Raising alerts based upon symptoms and risks


Regular tracking of Old Parents

In today’s busy environment, monitoring health of aged parents is a challenge. Seniors citizens have conditions that increase their chance of having a medical emergency and have frequent fluctuations in their parameters. Keeping track of their health records is another significant activity.



India is one of the largest country with case load of viruses with more than one million recorded infections. Fear and stigma spread as the virus, inflicting the rich and the poor, and taking hold over cities and villages. Observing these things in our neighborhood, it is important to get rid of this fear by monitoring health.



They bring value to your life, overall you laugh out loud with mates, which makes you excited and healthy. It helps you overcome anxiety and therefore helps to improve your mental health. It is equally important monitoring the health of social friends within a bubble will help to prevent the spread of pandemic diseases.

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