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Service Provider

Monitor Airlines
& Hotel Staff
Health Tracking of
Cab / Taxi Drivers
Health Monitor
your delivery staff

Being in a service industry is important to protect the customer’s health from getting affected by employees. The customer health is equally prominent as of employees and worker’s health. In order to do so, regular monitoring of health vital helps to detect diseases early and keep your customer safe.

Solution for you

Smart engine analysing real time data, Creating internal subsets of health risks & Raising alerts based upon symptoms and risks


Airlines and Hotel Staff

In the airline and Hotel industry, traveller’s health-related concerns are crucial. One of the biggest problem is to control the transmission of communicable diseases among the travellers, flight crew and hotel staff. Industry need a solution to identify health risk of each traveller and their employees and ensure risk free environment.


Cab/Taxi Companies

While lockdown restrictions have been eased, many remain worried about taking public transport or even private taxi/cabs. The reason worries around safety. In order to get passengers back into their cabs, transport companies want to change the mentality and, as always, it relies on technology to do so. They need technology to monitor the health of their drivers.


Logistics Industry

Courier company and food delivery plays essential role in daily routine. It is import for companies to give confidence to their customer that person coming to deliver is safe. That’s why it a big pain for logistic companies to track the health of their delivery staff.