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Remote Health Monitoring

Tres Care provides a dedicated team of Health Care Experts which comprises of Nurses, Para Medics & Care Givers to monitor the health graphs, Health Risk Status (HRS) & alerts on a AI driven centralized Dashboard in real time basis. Our Health Care Experts are available 24 X 7 to address any health queries from users. Our continuous monitoring platform helps us to provide the users timely guidance by analysing any abnormalities in health vitals in real time.

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Providing Continuous Monitoring - Anytime, Anywhere

Graphs and Health Risk Status (HRS) are created using the Internal AI Based algorithms on user’s health data

  • 24 X 7 Real Time Remote Health Monitoring
  • Proactive Alerts to users
  • Our Health Care Experts (HCE) comprises of Qualified and Well Trained Team of Nurses, Para Medics and Care Givers
  • Our Health Care Expert (HCE) is just a call away for any health related queries
  • Provision of Escalation to Doctors and Emergency Team in case of abnormalities in the vitals

Remote Health Monitoring solution

Data collected by medical devices is synchronized with the App (on a simple smartphone) on regular basis (5-10 min interval) – this data is consumed by our internal algorithms to create user readable graphical charts of health vitals. This data can be accessed by the user or by a closed group of people authorized by the user. This works best for Health Care Experts to remotely monitor the vitals of the User in real time.

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The AI platform compares various parameters to calculate Health Risk Status (HRS) and provides instant alerts to the Users in case of any abnormalities. The alerts are also raised with our Health Care Experts (HCE) which works 24 X 7. Users can call our Health Care Experts (HCE) who validates these alerts and check for users’ health status and if required guide on immediate actions/remedies.

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Key Benefits

Pre Medical Advice Avail health guidance from our Health Care Experts (HCE) before visiting a doctor
Timely Consultation Real-time health monitoring ensures that the patient consults the doctor on time
Improve Lifestyle Help patients improve self-management and care

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