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How your Heart Rate can show signs of Infection

Heart Rate

At Tres Care our mission is to empower people to become more informed about their health data. Through this blog, we want to share how and why heart rate monitoring is an important tool to monitor your body’s response to an infection. A lot of people use wearable devices these days but always overlook the elevated heart rate when it comes to detecting infections in the body.

When our system analyses the data, some differences are easy to spot, while others can be more subtle. We will take a live example to understand how the smart AI based engine works. Recently one of our co-workers suffered from Covid infection, so we have used his heart rate moving average chart to see whether Tres Care smart application can detect any changes or not.

It is a well-established medical fact that for each 1° F rise in internal body temperature; HR increases by about 10 bpm due to its direct effect on Sino-Atrial (SA) node in the heart.

Heart Rate
Heart Rate(BPM) and Skin Temperature on the same day

Heart Rate moving average

The above chart shows the difference in the moving average of heart rate which can be detected by Tres Care smart application. Here we can see that the moving average of this individual increased by almost 20 BPM indicating some underlying health conditions here. Our algorithms take lots of health variable patterns into consideration while deriving the health rating of an individual which can help in early detection of underlying health conditions.