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Heart Rate

Blood Oxygen


Blood Pressure

Heart Rate Monitoring

Nowadays heart rate monitoring systems is to move to portable personal devices from the hospital. Changing trends shows how heart rate monitoring devices are not only for athletes, but also for medical research and diagnostic purposes to determines the condition of the heart (just heart rate) of a patient.

The heart attack causes death because of blood flow reduction to the heart muscles. If we know the actual heartbeat of person then the problem related to heart can be recognize and resolved

Tres Care’s wireless Heart rate monitoring system allows patients to be mobile in the surrounding environment. It is simple and user friendly system that would capture heart Rates on real time and process them on a smartphone

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A Healthy Heart is essential vital
for Overall Health

Blood Oxygen Saturation

SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation) essential element to monitor your respiratory issues and check how well your heart is pumping oxygen through your body. Drop in oxygen levels can be life-threatening. That’s why it is important to monitor Blood Oxygen Saturation to know the drop in oxygen levels well in advance.

To Care for Patients, doctors recommend the use of the oximeter frequently. Tres Care Band measures oxygen saturation in the blood.

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Oxygen drives the metabolisms of
most living things

Measure Skin temperature

Skin temperature is one of the main health vital signs that must be tracked to ensure safe and effective care.

An early warning sign of infection is Skin temperature. Fever is one of the first responses of the body to detect the presence of a virus and is common in diseases such as influenza, COVID-19, etc. Skin temperature monitoring helps to track the health and detect disease early.

By understanding Skin temperature and noticing the changes, that might indicate an infection and taking immediate measures to prevent spreading it to others and help family, friends, and coworkers stay safe, healthy, and productive.

#Takecare of your Skin temperature
A person’s Skin temperature says
a lot about their health

Blood Pressure Tracking

Get a picture of your overall cardiovascular health to prevent heart disease and strokes. Monitoring blood pressure helps to manage or treat a certain health condition.

Tres Care App keeps a records of the measurements which help you know where you stand and notify before risk. The record demonstrates your doctor that how your blood pressure varies over the day, month, and year.

Disclaimer: Blood Pressure readings are for reference only, This can not be used for medical purpose.

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Blood pressure talks about
the cardiovascular health

All-in-one Health & Wellness Band

A gift for a healthy lifestyle, which not only helps you to track and monitor health vitals but also keeps records other activities. Monitoring of Physical activities and exercise on real-time, helps to achieve healthy and balanced life. A health wrist band lets you monitor the statistics of your workout. You can watch and monitor your heart rate, calories burned every day, and step counts with a fitness tracker.