JA-1638 Health Monitoring Watch

Gift yourself and colleagues a healthy lifestyle with Tres Care, Ai Based Health Tracking Solution, which helps you to track and monitor health vitals like Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen Saturation (SPO2), Body Temperature, and Blood pressure to show the Health Risk Status.

The Health Risk status will show how safe the person is with family and friends, work in an office environment, travel etc. This will also provide the information if the person has any risk so that person can be taken care and necessary action can be taken.

Not just fitness Band, it is also a Health Band

A gift for a healthy lifestyle, which not only helps you to track and monitor health vitals but also keeps records other activities. Monitoring of Physical activities and exercise on real-time, helps to achieve healthy and balanced life. A health wrist band lets you monitor the statistics of your workout. You can watch and monitor your heart rate, calories burned every day, and step counts with a fitness tracker.