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Heart Rate Monitoring

Blood Oxygen Saturation

Skin Temperature

Blood Pressure Tracking

Sleep Monitoring


Fall Detection


Healthcare & Wellness Ecosystem

  • Remote Health Monitoring

    24x7 AI based Remote Health Monitoring Solution

  • Enterprise Level Monitoring

    Centralised monitoring dashboard for the entire organisation

  • Pre Medical Advice

    Avail health guidance from our Health Care Experts (HCE)

  • Improve Lifestyle

    Help patients improve self-management and care

Smart Data Analysis & Health Risk Alerts

Easy way to keep watch of your Family and Friend’s health in need of frequent monitoring by continuously measuring vital signs and raise Alerts in emergency

Smart Watch with Monitoring Sensors
Health Monitoring Smart Patch
Remote Health Monitoring
24x7 Free On-Call Medical Assistance* Coming Soon

One platform. Many benefits. A world of insights.

Monitor 4 Health Vitals with one solution Health Risk Status of a person based upon Health Statistics and Medical History. Regular monitoring of health vital helps to detect diseases early.
Manage your
Travel History
The combination of travel history and regular medical examinations could help to control pandemics and infectious diseases.
Family & Friends
Groups Monitor
Care for your near & dear ones Health 24 x 7 with Tres Care. Create groups of members to monitor health and prevent pandemics to spread.
Lock Vaccination
Some countries require proof of specific vaccination while travelling there to avoid disease spread. Secondly, Personal health records speak for you to your healthcare provider, when you are unable.

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